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Core Onshore & Offshore Services Limited

QHSSE Objectives

Plot 36, Km 4, East-West Road Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
Tel: +2348034289402, 08182037005 .
Email: info@core-onshore-offshore.com

QHSSE Policy, Risk Identification, Accessment & Polarization

Core Onshore And Offshore Services Limited has an QHSSE Management System, risk identification, assessment and prioritization can reduce risk and mitigate hazards to employees, contractors, vendors, the community and the environment. Management of risk is a continuous process.

Core Onshore And Offshore Services Limited aims to deliver Excellence in Offshore and onshore Services. We are a company committed to establishing, implementing and maintaining top Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements and aims to deliver high quality services to our clients.

Health & Safety

At Core Onshore And Offshore Services Limited, safety always comes first and the safety of our people second to none in everything we do. We are committed to achieving Zero Harm and we strive for the highest level of safety and operational standards through our Health, Safety and Environmental policies, Safety Management Manual (SMM) and Standard Operations Procedures (SOP) to ensure that the company abides by the applicable health and safety legislations, international protocols and other health and safety standards, codes and guideline of industry standards.

Since we believe that everyone has a fundamental role to play in safety, we aim to nurture a conducive work culture where our employees take ownership and responsibility for their safety and those around them so as to achieve a Zero Incidence every time we work. All employees are empowered to STOP Work when they consider a job to be unsafe in accordance to our STOP Work policy.

Core Onshore And Offshore Services Limited recognises that the security and protection of all persons (onshore and offshore) are the overriding priorities of all business activities. We are committed to providing a safe and secure working environment that protects people, assets and information from potential threats. All potential security threats, irregularities, breaches and incidents are reported and thoroughly investigated to allow for the continual improvement of our security processes and procedures.

A system is in place to identify HSE hazards and their potential consequences. Also on-going is a system to assess and prioritize risks and manage them in a cost effective manner. Design of new and modified facilities will be reviewed to ensure the incorporation of appropriate HSE protection measures. Risks associated with the acquisition, closure and divestment of facilities and operations will be assessed and managed. 

Accredited QHSSE Target

We have a Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) system that provides coverage for our esteemed staff and clients. Because our qhsse issues are top in our priorities, we have over the years implemented it in our company operations. Our mission on QHSSE issues is to achieve high quality results in all projects and at the same time preventing accidents, protecting the environment and ensuring the security and health of all employees and clients.  

Timely Delivery of Projects

All projects handled by us have been completed within schedule. Because we believe on-time project delivery and working within budget are second to none, we have kept our vision and mission within these limits just to meet project expectations, company strategic plans, clients satisfaction and overall evaluation of all stakeholders. This is what gives us the cutting edge over others.

99.9% Clients Appraisal

All our clients have given us"a thumbs up" at the end of every dealings with them. It is our belief that when projects are done and delivered to the full satisfaction of clients, every bit of success achieved is pegged to good timing and working within available budget requirements, project expectations, strategies, clients satisfaction and stakeholders evaluation. It is our vision to continually maintaining this cutting-edge advantage to keep clients on our side.
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