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Engineering Consultancy Services
Here at Core Onshore and Offshore Services Limited, we handle Sructural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Fabrication Engineering, Design & Implementation Engineering, etc. Our rig/civil/structural engineering services provide real-time precision metal welding/fabrication, manufacturing and general construction assemblies. We also undertake major engineering services such as design, cutting, fitting, welding, testing, finishing, painting, assembly and installation.
Our main consulting areas includes -
-     Detailed Engineering Design.
-     Fabrication & Construction of Pressure Vessels.
-     Process Facilities.
-     Fabrication .
-     Construction of Platform Structures, Piping, etc.
-     Non-Destructive Testing, Pressure Testing & Heat Treatment.
-     Gas Plant Construction, Installation Start-up Commissioning and Maintenance.
-     Building/Civil Engineering Construction.
Our Core Advantage

99.9% Clients Appraisal

We have a Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) system that provides coverage for our esteemed staff and clients. Because our qhsse issues are top in our priorities, we have over the years implemented it in our company operations. Our mission on QHSSE issues is to achieve high quality results in all projects and at the same time preventing accidents, protecting the environment and ensuring the security and health of all employees and clients.

Accredited QHSSE Target

All our clients have given us"a thumbs up" at the end of every dealings with them. It is our belief that when projects are done and delivered to the full satisfaction of clients, every bit of success achieved is pegged to good timing and working within available budget requirements, project expectations, strategies, clients satisfaction and stakeholders evaluation. It is our vision to continually maintaining this cutting-edge advantage to keep clients on our side.

Timely Delivery of Projects

All projects handled by us have been completed within schedule. Because we believe on-time project delivery and working within budget are second to none, we have kept our vision and mission within these limits just to meet project expectations, company strategic plans, clients satisfaction and overall evaluation of all stakeholders. This is what gives us the cutting edge over others.
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